displaying existing desktop

Carl - VNC vnc@okka.org.za
Wed Jul 16 15:25:01 2003

I think maybe posting a reliable link whereby one can download the proper
utils and not repeateldly pasting dead links is maybe a better idea ...

It is in the better interest of the AT & T research labs to make sure that
what they link to has some relevance to the topic at hand , this because
these are all contributions to VNC as a whole !

The tone of me evident as the tone of my success with VNC and a single
desktop !

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Dennis Field said:
> I installed the vnc server on a Linux laptop, and am able to log into 
> it successfully with the Windows vnc viewer. My problem is that 
> logging into the Linux box starts a new desktop session. My objective 
> is for both the student and the teacher to be looking at the same 
> desktop simultaneously.

Is there an echo in here?


William Hooper
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