Running VMWare in vncserver on Linux

Anthony Jewell
Wed Jul 16 10:41:01 2003


I suspect that vmware is assuming that your X Server is running on the
console - it is therefore trying to use DGA to access the console directly.

What is your DISPLAY variable? If it is ":0.0" then maybe it is making
this assumption and the DGA will be used. Try putting a hostname in

My vmware works inside vncserver (Xvnc) although the colors are all
screwed (Yet to fix).

Hope this helps,

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Ishan's Shade wrote:
> Subject: Running VMWare in vncserver on Linux
> I am trying to get VMware working on my Linux box with no screen, so I've 
> install a VNC server and XFree libraries.  The VNC Server is working fine 
> and I can run VMware config screen inside but when I tring to run a guest OS 
> I get this error message :
> XFree86 DGA extension not present. Either your X Server is built without 
> this extension, or it is not configured to use it. XFree86 direct graphics 
> (DGA extension) initialization failed.
> I am wondering is VNC support DGA ?  I think not...
> Is there a way to make this works ?

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