displaying existing desktop

Dennis Field dfield58@yahoo.com
Wed Jul 16 06:11:01 2003

I'm new to vnc and am hoping someone can help me. I'm trying to set up a network so that a teacher (running Windows XP) can connect to several students (running Linux) and monitor what they're doing. It's actually a writing class, so she just wants to be able to watch the students word processor as they're typing and offer suggestions, add her comments, etc.
I installed the vnc server on a Linux laptop, and am able to log into it successfully with the Windows vnc viewer. My problem is that logging into the Linux box starts a new desktop session. My objective is for both the student and the teacher to be looking at the same desktop simultaneously. I'm still learning my way around Linux, and I've never had occasion to try to have two users logged into the same desktop at the same time! But I'm hoping that there is either some neat Linux trick or else some setting in vnc that I just haven't found yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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