Can't connect to vncserver on dial-up network!

Renato Salles
Wed Jul 16 03:44:00 2003

Well, i had another conclusion, that WIN89 doesn't work correctly 
with vnc by dial-up. Is that correct? Did you try Win2k with the same link?

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Mr. Wang wrote:

> first, thanks for Scott C. Best's reply. I have asked for some help before.
> Yesterday I made a test in my office,  The vncserver is still my office pc (win2000 pro), and the viewer is another pc(win98) in my office. 
> Firstly, the viewer pc connect to the LAN via network card, the vncviewer can easily connect to the server. 
> Secondly, I dial-up the viewer pc to the public Internet, it can't connect to the server,  neither telnet to the server 5900 port. I check my dial-up connection property----"banding TCP/IP protocol".
> Thirdly, I asked my friend who is in another city connecting to my vncserver. He did successfully, and his computer(Win2000) connect to the LAN via network card. 
> so draw a conclusion!*!*Winvnc can't be used on dial-up network!? why? it's not true in the vnc document. Who can explain that for me? 
> Thanks in advance.