Running VMWare in vncserver on Linux

Wayne Throop
Tue Jul 15 21:23:00 2003

: I am trying to get VMware working on my Linux box with no screen, so
: I've install a VNC server and XFree libraries.  The VNC Server is
: working fine and I can run VMware config screen inside but when I
: tring to run a guest OS I get this error message :
: XFree86 DGA extension not present.  Either your X Server is built
: without this extension, or it is not configured to use it.  XFree86
: direct graphics (DGA extension) initialization failed. 
: I am wondering is VNC support DGA ?  I think not...  Is there a way to
: make this works ? 

I expect Xvnc doesn't implement that extension; it also lacks several
others that various tools complain about (but usually are designed
to degrade performance gracefully (kind of rude of the tool to
just give up)).

I also expect that the x4vnc module to XFree86 will allow you to
access a vnc session that *does* have that extension (though I
haven't actually done that with that edxtension).

Wayne Throop