Different Linux session views from W2k?

Wayne Throop throopw@sheol.org
Tue Jul 15 21:16:01 2003

:: nhytro-python@web.de
:: I really would like all what I do in the W2K viewer to show up also
:: on the Linux box because I would like to remotely help a Linux
:: newbie.  Is there something else that I have to configure? 

The simplest way would be to have both of you use vncviewer
to the same session, using the "-shared" option.  Note that
useof "vncserver" on linux starts a new X server, and thus
necessarily a new X session, independent of the physical
console (which is managed by a different X server).  So
the simplest way to be seeing the same desktop is to have
the linux user run vncviewer.  Normally, that'd be

          vncviewer localhost:1

though it needs to be whatever display number vncserver says
it started for you, whether it's "1" or not.

: "William Hooper" <whooper@freeshell.org>
: Can I remote the normal X:0 display of my Unix workstation? 
: http://www.realvnc.com/faq.html#x0 Unfortunately the x0rfbserver site
: seems to be down. 
: A search of the archives will also turn up other alternatives:
: http://www.tjansen.de/krfb/ http://xf4vnc.sourceforge.net/

Probably the most robust option would be x4vnc; I expect it to give
the best performance, and should give a better match in terms of
implemented features of the X server than vncviewer to an Xvnc.

Wayne Throop   throopw@sheol.org