Running VMWare in vncserver on Linux

Robin Hill
Tue Jul 15 10:50:01 2003

On Tue Jul 15, 2003 at 02:46:30AM +0000, Ishan's Shade <> wrote:

> I am trying to get VMware working on my Linux box with no screen, so I've 
> install a VNC server and XFree libraries.  The VNC Server is working fine 
> and I can run VMware config screen inside but when I tring to run a guest 
> OS I get this error message :
> XFree86 DGA extension not present. Either your X Server is built without 
> this extension, or it is not configured to use it. XFree86 direct graphics 
> (DGA extension) initialization failed.
> I am wondering is VNC support DGA ?  I think not...
> Is there a way to make this works ?
My understanding is that DGA provides the X-server with a low-level
direct access to the graphics card.  Since the whole point of VNC is
that you're exporting the display then this won't work (I'm guessing
you'd end up with the same issues as on Windows, where DirectX allows
direct access to the hardware so VNC gets nothing but a black box).

This shouldn't provide a problem though - VMWare should work fine
without it (but won't switch to full-screen mode IIRC).  VMWare inside a
VNC session also proves tricky with mouse access so my advice would be
to install VNC on the VMWare virtual machine as well and access that

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