VNC Connection Help

..C.N. SpotZ..
Tue Jul 15 01:55:01 2003

   I  need  help.  I designed a program to use vnc to connect to multiple
   computers  at  once.   My program creates a file holding the different
   computers'  IP  addresses, and then allows you to connect to all those
   computers  by  just  entering  the  file  name  and  clicking connect.
   However,  I  need  to  have error handling.  I already have my program
   checking  if  the  file  name entered exists, now i need my program to
   check  if a connection to a client computer was made.  I need some way
   of  checking  if  my  vnc  server  actually  connected  to  the remote
   computers'  vnc  viewer.   Is there a way in vnc server to do this.  I
   know  in  single  connects  it  is possible, but in the command prompt
   multi-connect  it  doesn't seem to signal if a connection wasn't made.
   Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you,


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