Mon Jul 14 17:33:00 2003

To clarify:

Yes, I want to see the same desktop (the 0 desktop) with multiple clients.
I have tried the clients "-shared" option, and it has no effect.

It's true that it's intent seems to only want to support one client at a 
time, but it should be tweakable (its linux, not microsoft for goodness 
sake! :) )

Thank you for your reply Grant,
I may want to submit something to kde bugs, but I thought maybe someone 
here might know if there was a way to work around this????
I saw x0rfbserver and didn't really play with it a whole lot, I may need 
to, because I could recompile it how I want that way.

If anyone knows how to work around this in krfb (i.e. take a look at the 
variable in kinetd_krfb.desktop, and see if you can make sense of it), 
please let me know

Grant McDorman wrote:

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> On July 10, 2003 01:27 pm, Johnny waterbrook wrote:
> > Has anyone looked at krfb, the KDE Remote desktop version of VNC?
> > I'm trying to figure out how I can get multiple instances running on 
> it...
> > (a little background: it won't accept more than one connection, and it
> > displays the 0 X desktop)
> Do you mean you want multiple clients viewing the same desktop, or you 
> want
> multiple virtual desktops? In the former case, it appears that the 
> only way
> is to use the client program's shared display option. You can, if you 
> want,
> submit an enhancement request to; however, it is unlikely 
> to be
> implemented as the intent of krfb is to provide quick & easy one-on-one
> sharing for helping somebody with a problem (much like the desktop 
> sharing in
> Windows XP).
> In the latter case, however, you are probably using the wrong program. 
> krfb -
> and its cousin, x0rfbserver - convert the current display ("desktop") 
> to a
> VNC server. In theory, this means one could run additional "real" X 
> servers
> if the system supports it (as Linux does), or a virtual server such as 
> Xvfb
> or Xvnc, and then export that display using krfb or x0rfbserver.
> In practice, however, this sort of thing is usually better achieved by 
> using
> Xvnc and connecting directly to it (krfb and x0rfbserver - the 
> "converters" -
> are less efficient than a native Xvnc display).
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