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Mon Jul 14 15:12:01 2003

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On July 10, 2003 01:27 pm, Johnny waterbrook wrote:
> Has anyone looked at krfb, the KDE Remote desktop version of VNC?
> I'm trying to figure out how I can get multiple instances running on it...
> (a little background: it won't accept more than one connection, and it
> displays the 0 X desktop)

Do you mean you want multiple clients viewing the same desktop, or you want 
multiple virtual desktops? In the former case, it appears that the only way 
is to use the client program's shared display option. You can, if you want, 
submit an enhancement request to; however, it is unlikely to be 
implemented as the intent of krfb is to provide quick & easy one-on-one 
sharing for helping somebody with a problem (much like the desktop sharing in 
Windows XP).

In the latter case, however, you are probably using the wrong program. krfb - 
and its cousin, x0rfbserver - convert the current display ("desktop") to a 
VNC server. In theory, this means one could run additional "real" X servers 
if the system supports it (as Linux does), or a virtual server such as Xvfb 
or Xvnc, and then export that display using krfb or x0rfbserver.

In practice, however, this sort of thing is usually better achieved by using 
Xvnc and connecting directly to it (krfb and x0rfbserver - the "converters" - 
are less efficient than a native Xvnc display).

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