Running VNC on Solaris 5.5

Naveen Appaji
Sat Jul 12 03:11:01 2003

   I  downloaded  the VNC tar file for Solaris 5.5 and am trying to bring
   vncserver on A Solaris 5.5 machine.

   When I type in vncserver, I get a PERL error which says  /lopte/local/solaris/bin/perl: fatal: relocation error: file
   /lopte/local/solaris/bin/perl:      symbol      __register_frame_info:
   referenced symbol not found

   /lopte/local/solaris/bin  is  a  directory  on my system which has the
   perl executable.

   Do  yo  think the perl I have is not compatible with Solaris 5.5 ?? If
   yes, where can I get a Solaris 5.5 version of perl??

   Thanks in advance.


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