Multiple hop VNC?

William Hooper
Fri Jul 11 23:23:00 2003

Chris Altwegg said:
> I am a volunteer network administrator for a local non-profit.  I use VNC
> to
> get to the server, and then use a copy of VNC on that server to get to
> other
> machines on their network.  But, obviously, there is quite a visual lag
> from
> the remote computer to the server to me.
> The IP address of the server is different than the IP addresses of the
> machines on the network.  If I know the internal IP address of the
> machines on
> the network that I'm trying to get to, is there a way to bypass the
> intermediary server machine and VNC directly to the machine I want to
> access?

One way (that also gets you encryption over the Internet leg) is to look
into SSH tunneling.  You would install the SSH server on the machine that
can be accessed directly and have SSH forward the ports to the internal
machines.  Check out "More advanced use" on the VNC/SSH page:

It appears this is also possible with Zebedee.

Another option (that doesn't get you encryption) is VNCProxy:

William Hooper