Multiple hop VNC?

Chris Altwegg
Fri Jul 11 22:51:01 2003

I writing with what might be a simple question regarding VNC.  I couldn't find
an answer on the VNC websites, nor did several archive searches turn up an
answer. (At least that I understood)

I am a volunteer network administrator for a local non-profit.  I use VNC to
get to the server, and then use a copy of VNC on that server to get to other
machines on their network.  But, obviously, there is quite a visual lag from
the remote computer to the server to me.

The IP address of the server is different than the IP addresses of the
machines on the network.  If I know the internal IP address of the machines on
the network that I'm trying to get to, is there a way to bypass the
intermediary server machine and VNC directly to the machine I want to access?


Chris Altwegg
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