would like to know who is connecting to my pc

jwaterbrook jwaterbrook@keyww.com
Fri Jul 11 21:34:01 2003

Unfortunately, windows version doesn't have a whole lot of logging 
features.  I presume what you are trying to do is log all of the 
connections made to that windows box, so you might just have to get 
another external program to do that (maybe a port monitor).
If you want to go more in depth, I have compiled VNC under windows 
before, a while ago, but I'm pretty sure I used ms visual c++,which is 
what I think they intended you to use, and then you could modify the 
code a little bit, whenever a new connection is established, just stream 
a small log file.
Hope this helps.

Li, Charles wrote:

> I am using WinXP and tightvnc.
> Is there a way to check who is currently and have been logon to a 
> particular
> pc?
> Thanks
> Charles
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