win98 user properties on startup bug?

David West
Fri Jul 11 18:18:01 2003

win98 user properties on startup bug? (yes, i think it's a bug)

This is proving to be a right pain... I've tried this with
tightvnc-1.2.8_x86 and UltraVNC-107-Win32 - same result:
Current User Properties dialog at login, Click OK (with or without
entering the password), and VNC fails to start -- every time on Win98
(Bad), never on XP (Better)...

When a user logs in, a login script runs which calls the following batch
file. Why doesn't this work?

:startvnc.bat - called when user logs in
regedit /s g:\vnc.reg
start g:\tightvnc\winvnc.exe -kill -run


g:\vnc.reg looks like:


" "=dword:00000000



I've placed the above keys in the _only_ places thay should go -- 
according to -- to quote:

"1.Local machine-specific settings. Options specified here are not
overridable. Location:

2.Local default user settings. Location:

3.Local per-user settings.  These override the local default user
settings. If there is no current user, the username SYSTEM will be used.

4.Global per-user settings.   These are only read if AllowProperties has
not been set to zero (see below) Location:

Most options can only be specified in a subset of these places, as
specified in each option's description below..."

I understand this is a common problem -- but I can't find the solution --
please help!

Thanks for giving this your attention,