Rick W. Vanover IV b4real@usa.net
Fri Jul 11 16:47:00 2003

Yes, as long as you have an IP route to them, and the ports  (5800 or 5900)
available directly from the VNC client (VPN client) to the VNC Server (user's

Install VNC server on it, and you are likely ready to go.

Ignore the domain aspect of your question.  It becomes an IP question - can
VPN client get to VNC server over VNC's ports directly?  If yes - you are
working.  If not, you are not.

"willie wimbush" <willwimbush@hotmail.com> wrote:
If I'm connected to a network with a domain and i have and end user who 
works remotely, using a vpn
connection is their a way for me to use vnc to access their desktop.

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