Can't lock local keyboard when AllowProperties=0

James M. Henderson
Fri Jul 11 00:24:01 2003

Ladies & Gents
I'm a brand new VNC user, though I've known of it for some time.  My problem was posted to this list back in March by another user, but there were no replys, & after contacting him directly, he has no solution.
The system is Win2kSP3 [both server & client] VNC is 3.3.7
The problem is this: On the server machine, I have set AllowProperties, AllowEditClients & AllowShutdown to 0 in the registry - this works fine, all of those options become unavailable to the user.
However, now the Disable Local Keyboard & Pointer function has ceased to operate, & Lock Workstation (or Logoff) when Last Client Disconnects has also stopped working.
This is potentially a serious security issue - can anyone help please?
Mick Henderson
St Mary's College
Maryborough Qld Aust