trouble in using winvnc

Scott C. Best
Thu Jul 10 18:59:01 2003

Mr. Wang:

	Since PC2 can ping PC1 via the dial-up network, you should be
very close to having a VNC connection work. Please tell me, though:
what is the exact error message you see when your connection attempt


> Hello, Barry Zubel:
>     Some details show as follows:
>    My office LAN is directly connected to the Internet, no NAT, no firewall. My office computer is assigned a Global IP address. And let me state my experiment again:
> Computer Infomation:
>    PC1: vncserver, win2000 pro, network card connect to LAN1 and then to Internet.
>    PC2: vncviewer, win98, network card connect to the same LAN1 and then to Internet/dial-up to Internet.
>    PC3: vncviewer, win2000, network card connect to LAN2 and proxy to Internet.
>    The Winvnc version is 3.3.7.
> Experiment step:
>    1. PC2 can connect to PC1 in LAN,
>    2. PC2 can't connect to PC1 Via dial-up network, PC2 can ping PC1 successfully, and can ftp to PC1, access sharing resource of PC1.
>    3. PC3 can connect to PC1 over Internet.
> so, It seems that Winvnc doesn't work on dail-up network. why?
> Thanks for any help you may provide