XP machine cannot see W98 machine over Web

zt-vnc-list@tenletters.com zt-vnc-list@tenletters.com
Thu Jul 10 16:49:01 2003

> It works and it doesn't:
> It does if:
> a.Win98 looks at XP by VNCviewer on Win98 and VNCserver on  
> XP and v.v., as well as XP--->XP
> b.Win98 looks at XP through WEB-browser (http://IP:5800
> <http://ip:5800/> ), where IP=LAN address (192.168.1.nnn), FireWall
> "off"
> It doesn't if:
> a.Last line (b) in reversed-direction: A blank window appears in the
> browser on the XP with a small square top-leftside and with a small
> cross in it. The same symbol you'll see when an image must be 
> loaded but cannot be found.
> b.XP--->XP through the WEB-browser, with IP in http://IP:5800
> <http://ip:5800/>  is LAN-IP address.

So XP can't view any other systems through the web browser?
Do you have a Java VM on the XP machine?  You need one, if not.

> c.All other WEB-browser viewing XP--->XP, XP--->98, 98--->XP (98--->98
> not tested) over internet outside my router. This might be related to
> the router-gateway to internet, from which I think to know the
> IP-address as well as the procedure to forward incoming port-request
> 5800 (IP=xx.xx.xx.xx:5800, with xx.xx.xx.xx = router-IP). As far as I
> know this forwarding van be programmed on the router.

If you mean you want to view your LAN machines from the other side of
your router, then yes, you will need to configure port forwarding on
the router.  Note that port :5800 is only the port for the web 
interface to load the java application.  The app then tries to 
establish the VNC protocol connection to the same machine over port 
:5900.  So you need to forward both for the web-based viewer, or else 
just 5900 if you are using native VNCviewer.

Make sure you are aware of any security considerations if you do this.