VNC from work (w/ proxy) to home (w/ DSL)

Scott C. Best
Wed Jul 9 19:03:00 2003


	Yes, the firewall/proxy setuyp you have at work is most
likely blocking your attempts to connect to a "non-popular" TCP
service (ie, something not associated with web-browsing, ftp'ing,
or telnet'ing).

	Your best bet is to setup an SSH or Zebedee tunnel from
your workplace to your home LAN. Most SSH clients support proxy'ing
nowadays, so this connection has a better chance of getting "thru"
your workplace's firewall/proxy systems. Once it's working, you can
run VNC via this tunnel.

	You can find some details on setting up such tunnels here:

	Good luck!


> I have VNC server running on my home machine and from work I
> can open IE, type in my proxy login and password, and access
> http://xx.xx.xx.xx:5800 where the x's are my home machine's
> IP.  After a few seconds I get a
> response "NoRouteToHostException".  I don't have a firewall
> set up at home and I'm not using a router.  Is the problem
> coming from the fact that VNC is attempting to run no 5900
> and the proxy at work won't allow it?  Thanks for the help.