AuthHosts syntax
Wed Jul 9 08:15:01 2003

But if you had "+" wouldn't it only accept a connection from that IP anyway, all others would be rejected? So does it need
to have "-" in there?


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The - sign means deny and the + sign means accept. For example an authhosts
string which shows "-" means that the
ip address can not use vnc where as can.
has the ability to use vnc but will require authorisation on the users end.
by the way, in a string you use a : to seperate ip addresses. Another
example, if your script shows "-" then no ip address will be able to use
vnc. This is good to stop all unwanted connections. To specify a connection
you want to be available you simply add the ip address. eg "-:+"
in this string only can use vnc.

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Subject: Re: AuthHosts syntax said:
> I have a question along the same lines. The syntax used for AuthHosts is
> +[ip-address-template]
> ?[ip-address-template]
> -[ip-address-template]
> I know the ? means it asks the user if they want to accept the incoming
> connection, but what's the difference between the + and - (plus
> & minus) it doesn't explain what they do under

AuthHosts is controlled by the QuerySetting value (BTW the new page is at , even though this is covered on the
old page).  By default, "+:Accept, ?:Query, -:Reject".

William Hooper
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