trouble in using winvnc

Scott C. Best
Tue Jul 8 23:31:00 2003

Mr. Wang:

	Your target VNC server at work is most likely behind
*some* sort of firewall, either a "personal firewall" like
ZoneAlarm or WinXP's builtin one, or a NAT'ing router. I'd
be amazed if there really was "no firewall at all".

	I've collected some suggestions into a "troubleshooting
guide", available here:

	Hope this helps!


> hello everyone:
> I have some trouble in using winvnc. Viewer can't connect to server, popup
> a window "failed connect to the server".The viewer is my home pc, and
> server is my office pc(win2000pro).I can connect to vncserver using
> other office pc, and also can connect to another extral vncserver in my
> offce.
> no firewall at all.
> detail:
> winvnc version: 3.3.7
> home network: USB DSL Modem
> home pc: Windows 98
> thanks in advance