"Disable New Clients" by default

Gareth Ayres G.J.Ayres@newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Jul 8 14:20:00 2003

1.) Enable server machine user to enable/disable disable connection. (Simply)
2.) Server machine user to see they are not available for connection.(Simply)
3.) The server user to be unable to see/change any of the other properties.

> What are you trying to accomplish?  You don't want VNC to accept
> connections?  Then you can use the "Accept Socket Connections" (or in the
> registry "SocketConnect").  You say you want to change it from the
> properties, but then say you want to restrict changing them?
> If you explain your goal we might be able to help you with a better way to
> do it.

> > Gareth Ayres said:
> > Umm thanks William, I want to set a default which can be changed
> > from the server taskbar icon if required. I want the "Disable New
> > Clients" option load when a machine is booted.
> > I want to restrict the changing of the properties from the icon which I
> > can do from the docs. Gareth