nohostroute error

Jerry Westrick Jerry@Westrick.Com
Tue Jul 8 12:45:00 2003

The people in this list donot approve of "beaking" the security measures

Neither do I.  

So Jianyu, what we recomend is that you have the necesary ports opend
for you.  If the security manager closed all ports, I'm sure he had his
reasons.  I you want to access a pc outside of his secure area, I'm sure
you have your reasons.  If your reasons, and his reasons don't conflict,
I'm sure he'll open the port for you.

Then again, the purpose of this list is to help people with VNC
problems, and not to lecture them on Net-etiquette....

So I'll answer you question.

I'm not shure if what you are trying to do is possible since I don't
know what type of proxy your going through, but you can start your
server so that it answers to port 80.  This might work.

Jerry Westrick

On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 09:17, Jianyu Lin wrote:
> hi, Jerry
> !!!!Thanks for your answer. 
> 	With your words, I guess the second port is blocked. Because my client PC is behind a http proxy, it can only ask for http protocol. It can't use other protocol. So I can visit the webpage, but not to use the other protocol and port. It is so sorry.
> 	I have used a another tools named "Totalrc". It can remotly control host only by using Http protocol. But why not VNC?
> FYI:
> -----Original Message-----
> >THe java application uses 2 portno's,  The java portno
> >(which seams to work), is used to setup the connection,
> >once setup, the java applet then usese the normal vnc ports
> >to communicate.  the second port seems to be blocked in your 
> >instance....
> >
> >On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 04:09, Jianyu Lin wrote:
> >> hi,vnc-list
> >> 
> >> !!!!when i visited my host and enter the password, there is a error occured. It shows " Operation timed out". 
> >> 	How could I do with it? SOS!
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