nohostroute error

Jianyu Lin
Tue Jul 8 11:22:01 2003

hi, Jerry

!!!!Thanks for your answer. 
	With your words, I guess the second port is blocked. Because my client PC is behind a http proxy, it can only ask for http protocol. It can't use other protocol. So I can visit the webpage, but not to use the other protocol and port. It is so sorry.
	I have used a another tools named "Totalrc". It can remotly control host only by using Http protocol. But why not VNC?


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>THe java application uses 2 portno's,  The java portno
>(which seams to work), is used to setup the connection,
>once setup, the java applet then usese the normal vnc ports
>to communicate.  the second port seems to be blocked in your 
>On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 04:09, Jianyu Lin wrote:
>> hi,vnc-list
>> !!!!when i visited my host and enter the password, there is a error occured. It shows " Operation timed out". 
>> 	How could I do with it? SOS!
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