AuthHosts syntax

Kaciuba, Michael - AUS PER
Tue Jul 8 09:42:59 2003

Im working in a network environment where we are using winvnc on our pc's
and servers. Currently we are using the HKLM\Software\ORL\WinVNC3\AuthHosts
key to define who can use vnc on the network. Until now we have had no
issues. Basically our string looks something like this
"-:+" By default all
computers can not use vnc, there is one ip ( which can force
accept, and we have listed a whole bunch of computers that can query our
network computers for control. Heres the problem. Our string is reaching its
max char length of 255. Were at 247 at the moment. To combat this weve moved
all our vnc users to ip's between and What were
want to do is take out all the individual ip's and just have a range between and in the key.

We know that entering a value of ?10.0.60 will mean that all ip's upder
10.0.60.x will be able to query but what i need to know is, will entering a
value of work for only that ip address or will it work for (eg.,,, ...) And if not, is
there a way to enter a range of ip addresses instead of listing each
individual ip.

Kinda hard to explain, any help appreciated. Thanks Guys.

Michael Kaciuba
Network Administrator

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