Problem with control characters

Gary Jaffe
Mon Jul 7 23:07:00 2003

I've been using vncserver / vncviewer for a couple of years with no
problems until recently, when I rebooted my server machine running
Redhat 7.1.  All of a sudden, when using vncviewer to connect with a vnc
virtual desktop on the server machine, no control characters work.  When
I hit ctrl-c, for example, I get a regular lower case 'c'.  Ctrl-u give
me a regular 'u', and so on.

I've tried rebooting the server machine again, connecting from 2
different machines with 2 different linux distributions, played with the
stty command, switched to various TERM variable settings.  At no time am
I able to send control characters to a vnc virtual desktop.

I'm running vncserver version vnc-3.3.3r2-18.6 installed with rpm on the
Redhat server.  I connect through the Internet with a dsl connection on
each side.  The log files in my ~/.vnc directory show no errors.  For
the life of me, I can't figure out what I did to mess things up.  If
anyone has a clue, please point me in the right direction.