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O.D.Iberien lovewalrus@hot.ee
Sun Jul 6 00:28:00 2003

Thank you very much for your informative responses! Could you please tell me what viewers are there for Windows other than RealVNC? Something with better scaling would be nice.

I am able to avoid relying on VNC, because my setup is so small. (I am obliged to use Windows XP at my university, and am so turned off by it that I have decided to try to use Linux as much as possible at home, so as not to be forced to follow Windows down its current path.) But even if it does not quite do what I do not quite want it to do, it is a useful tool. And yes, CBee, I have been attempting to board the bus. I wrote my very first little shell script the day before yesterday, which worked, and am quite proud of myself.


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> > Someone please tell me if I am right or wrong about this:
> There is no right and wrong, it's just if what you want matches what you get
> by what you do...
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> > The heart of my problem is that VNC does not resize in 
> > response to changes in geometry. A 24-point letter is going 
> > to be the same size on the screen whether or not it is in a 
> > 640x400 window or a 1200x600 window. Although the VNC window 


> Waiting is never a solution, you have to step on the bus to get somewhere.
> Asking directions here points you to: Check the settings of the viewer, Try
> to find an other viewer with more options or just work with it.
> CBee

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