Setting up the HTTPD-support

William Hooper
Sat Jul 5 23:32:00 2003

Johan Svedberg said:
> Hi!
> I've just tried out VNC for the first time and it is and works great!
> However, I need some help with how to set up the http-server.
> I run the server on a Debian machine. What I've done to get the "normal"
> server working is the following:
[snip inetd details]
> That's it, and as I said this works great. Now, what would be best way
> to add httpd support to this setup? I installed the vnc-java package so
> the Java classes are located in /usr/share/vnc-java.
> Regards,
> Johan Svedberg,,

Since you are using the inetd method of running VNC, the http server built
in to VNC won't help you.

Once you have another http server set up, copy the index.vnc (or one of
the other .vnc files in /usr/share/vnc-java) and the *.class files to a
directory you can see from the web server.

Then you need to change the extension of the index.vnc file from .vnc to
.html, and edit the file replacing the variables ("$PORT",
"$APPLETHEIGHT", etc.) with the values you need.  These values are
normally replaced by the VNC server's http server.

Be warned that since you are using the inetd method, anything that causes
the web browser to reload the applet or reload the page in any way will
kill the VNC session you have active.

William Hooper