VNC newbee question

Arijit Mukherjee
Sat Jul 5 11:26:01 2003

Hi William

Yes I have admin access to both the PCs. - as per this, Local per-user
settings.  These override the local default user settings. If there is
no current user, the username SYSTEM will be used. Location:

But my registry shows only one entry in
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ORL\WinVNC3 which is "default". I logon to
the machine as a domain user (and installed VNC as domain user with
admin access) - can this be the problem?


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Arijit Mukherjee said:
> Hi
> I installed VNC server on my university PC which runs WIN2K, and the 
> viewer on my home PC which runs WIN ME.

I assume you have the admin's permission to install it on a machine that
is not yours.

> Both installations are the
> recent versions. But, when I run the viewer from home, it asks for the

> server, and accepts only the correct password for my university 
> machine
> - but after than nothing happens. I can't see anything on my
> screen...when I try to view using IE, it shows a blank page.  I keep
> university machine locked - but I thought I would be able to unlock it
> by sending a ctrl-alt-del to it (that's what the documentation says).

Double check that you are running VNC as a service.

> But, it seems when my university machine is open and there are active 
> windows on it, then those windows can be seen from my home pc when the

> viewer is started. Then why does nothing happen when my university 
> machine is locked?

Also double check that you don't have conflicting settings in the User
and Default sections of the registry.  VNC has to use the Default
settings when no one is logged in, or the machine is locked.
William Hooper
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