"Disable New Clients" by default

William Hooper whooper@freeshell.org
Fri Jul 4 17:27:43 2003

Gareth Ayres said:
> Umm thanks William, I want to set a default which can be changed
> from the server taskbar icon if required. I want the "Disable New
> Clients" option load when a machine is booted.
> I want to restrict the changing of the properties from the icon which
> I can do from the docs. Gareth

What are you trying to accomplish?  You don't want VNC to accept
connections?  Then you can use the "Accept Socket Connections" (or in the
registry "SocketConnect").  You say you want to change it from the
properties, but then say you want to restrict changing them?

If you explain your goal we might be able to help you with a better way to
do it.
William Hooper