a a a Tiny Embedded World and a a a Big VNC - is it possible ??

karthik bala guru sdcckarthik@yahoo.com
Fri Jul 4 16:45:01 2003

Dear Friends,

My brief Fairy Tale of the situation -
I have a s/w for compiling and developing
embedded softwares. I have only one h/w lock.
I have one system in Chennai,india and another
system in Banglore,india some 200 km away.
I have the h/w lock in chennai. I will be able
to compile and generate my hex file in chennai.
I want to do the same from Banglore. Is it possible
to access the system with h/w lock in chennai
from banglore and generate my hex file by using
VNC concept ??

Do Reply,
Thanx and Regards,
karthik bala guru

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