VNC newbee question

Arijit Mukherjee
Fri Jul 4 10:19:01 2003


I installed VNC server on my university PC which runs WIN2K, and the
viewer on my home PC which runs WIN ME. Both installations are the
recent versions. But, when I run the viewer from home, it asks for the
server, and accepts only the correct password for my university machine
- but after than nothing happens. I can't see anything on my
screen...when I try to view using IE, it shows a blank page.  I keep my
university machine locked - but I thought I would be able to unlock it
by sending a ctrl-alt-del to it (that's what the documentation says).
But, it seems when my university machine is open and there are active
windows on it, then those windows can be seen from my home pc when the
viewer is started. Then why does nothing happen when my university
machine is locked?

What can be wrong?

Hoping to hear from you