How can you have VNC accept the connection when no user is logged in ?

William Hooper
Thu Jul 3 17:55:01 2003

Stevens, Richard T said:
> Hi,
> I tried looking up a possible solution within the VNC web site but the
> search engine is not refined enough.
> Our environemtn requires the User to Accept the connection before anyone
> gains access.
> I'm running the latest version of VNC and have it setup with AuthHosts set
> to -:?oct1.oct2
> Does anyone know what settings I should have to achieve both ends ? (user
> logged in or not)

Take a look at the "QuerySetting" value.  Since it is a "Local & global
per-user setting" you should be able to set it to 1 (+:Accept, ?:Accept,
-:Reject) for the "default" user and to 2 (+:Accept, ?:Query, -:Reject).

William Hooper