Multiple instances !

William Hooper whooper "at"
Thu Jul 3 17:51:01 2003

Carlito - VNC user - installer said:
> So if I simply want to run vncserver & for 2 instances , one for root and
> one for john , without the config and url that you gave me , can I do it
> or
> not !

Remember people that answer questions here are volunteers.  You probably
want to change your tone a little so they will feel like helping you.

> Security issues aside !
> At the moment I can logon to the box as john , type vncserver and then
> login
> via my windows vncviwer ...

This is generally done with "su" or "sudo".  There are some examples in
the archives, and in the unofficial "FAQ-O-Matic":

William Hooper