How can you have VNC accept the connection when no user is logged in ?

Stevens, Richard T
Thu Jul 3 16:50:01 2003


I tried looking up a possible solution within the VNC web site but the
search engine is not refined enough.
Our environemtn requires the User to Accept the connection before anyone
gains access.

I'm running the latest version of VNC and have it setup with AuthHosts set
to -:?oct1.oct2

When a user is logged in and I try to connect to him (the server) he gets an
Accept box, Accepts the connection,  and then I can supply the password and
gain access to his machine

But if no one is logged in it is still looking for someone to Accept the

Does anyone know what settings I should have to achieve both ends ? (user
logged in or not)

Rick Stevens
Computer Sciences Corp
Computer Scientist