Use on Remote LAN PC without physically installing VNC...
Thu Jul 3 15:10:01 2003

Try this tool from . You'll need to 
configure the vnc.rcm file to get it working. I'll attach one that I use. 
Make sure you install the RealVNC v3.3.7 in the default directory. We ran 
into the same problem here. We need to VNC to 800 PCs but none have the 
vnc client on them. This program automatically pushes out the files needed 
to connect to the machine.

Jared Suttle
Computer Systems Group

Musab Qureshi <> 
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07/03/2003 07:00 AM


Use on Remote LAN PC without physically installing VNC...


Pls. do Cc me any replies to my question.

What I understand about VNC is that to use for the 1st
time on a remote PC, the client component must be
installed & setup with a password.
Then you can dial-in without any problem or enter via
a LAN.

My problem is we have to manage many PCs on our LAN &
the work of installing VNC each time, configuring it
etc. is very difficult.
Is there any way around this?

PCAnywhere also has this problem, however a tool
called Dameware (from can work from
scratch on a new PC (but it's not free like VNC!)
Dameware just asks the PC owner if he/she will allow
the Dameware connection in; if he agrees, the person
coming in gets instant Admin Access.

Dameware is also much faster than PCAnywhere
(impressively VNC is equally as fast).

Is there any way to do this with VNC?


Musab Qureshi

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