Multiple vnc instances on a linux machine !

"Beerse, Corné"
Thu Jul 3 14:44:01 2003

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> I'm running vnc at the moment at it works beautifully , however in my
> /etc/rc.local file I've put vncserver & and it starts up !
> I enter the session password and I get my X desktop for root.

That should do for static vnc-servers. If you happen to have a RedHat
distribution (any version of 7.x or up will do) that have several
vnc-packages, including a suitable system to do what you want. It is also
documented on the web somewhere.

> Now how do I retain that functionality but also allow another 
> user ( john )
> to also automatically open up his windows vnc viewer proggie 
> and connect to

The best way for normal users, is to setup as on That avoids the need
to administer anything beyond distributing the vncviewer to desktops.

> his X desktop , without via ssh starting up anything manually 
> via a console
> session ... 

an ssh connection (or any other vpn connection) should be setup before vnc
is started. By default vnc is just a little more secure that telnet since it
is compressed. 

> In simple terms how do I run 2 vnc servers 2 times on one machine for
> different users ?

the setup as on the link just needs John to do a `vncviewer
remotemachien:52` to get a unix login box at which he can work just as if at
the machine itself. Jack can do the same to the same port and gets his own
login box and own session.

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