VNC server for Contiki

Adam Dunkels
Thu Jul 3 11:59:00 2003


The Contiki desktop OS is a small open source operating system for
constrained systems and has been ported to a bunch of systems such as
the Commodore 64, the GameBoy, the 8-bit Ataris, and recentely the 8-bit
Atmel AVR microcontroller.

I have added a VNC server to Contiki, and have set up a demonstration
server at:

The demo server runs on an embedded Ethernet board with a 14 MHz AVR
Atmega128 microcontroller and 32 K RAM (the Ethernut hardware, and does not have a physical display, only a
virual VNC screen.

More information about Contiki can be found at the Contiki web site:


Adam Dunkels <>