gmc crashing

Anthony Jewell tjewell "at"
Thu Jul 3 10:17:00 2003


If I remember correctly, there is an issue with running gnome as root
on an out of the box Redhat 7.1 system. One of my systems corrupted
/usr/bin/panel. But I have also seen fsck problems following root
gnome use.

Do you get the same problem if you run gnome as root directly on the
box - ie not through vnc but logging in on the console. If so, have a
look at Gome bugzilla:

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Bill Cabral wrote:
> Subject: gmc crashing
> ...
>   Im running a GNOME GUI on Red Hat 7.1, and I
> recently upgraded my VNC to 3.3.7 from 3.3.3.  For
> some odd reason, I can log into my own GNOME account,
> but not my administrator's account.  When I try to log
> into his, all I get is a menu bar on the bottom
> (background on desktop, but nothing else, and no right
> click functionality).  .....

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