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Thu Jul 3 08:47:00 2003

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> Someone please tell me if I am right or wrong about this:

There is no right and wrong, it's just if what you want matches what you get
by what you do...

> The heart of my problem is that VNC does not resize in 
> response to changes in geometry. A 24-point letter is going 
> to be the same size on the screen whether or not it is in a 
> 640x400 window or a 1200x600 window. Although the VNC window 
> changes size, the windows within it do not. For instance, 
> only one-quarter of the OpenOffice window shows up within a 
> full-screen VNC window. Without scrollbars, I have to drag 
> the OpenOffice window around inside the VNC window in order 
> to see all of it. If the scaling function actually worked, 
> then it would be fine. But, it doesn't -- it is painfully out 
> of focus.  I have a 17" monitor, which is pretty standard, so 
> it seems odd to me that VNC seems to be scaled for use on 
> something much larger

For a start, some lines about sizes on vnc:
It starts with the vncserver: that has a size once it is started. On
M$Windows its the size of the console display, on unix, its the size you
give it with "-geometry XXXxYYY", the `vncserver` script has some build in
default wich you can change with any text editor, numbers at this point can
be rounded to a multiple of 4. This is all considdered pixel size, nothing
more, nothing less.

Then there is the viewer. That just gets the entire picture in its pixel
size. By default it matches every vnc-server pixel to a local pixel. If the
local display is smaller than the remote, then you should get scrollbars in
the vncviewer window.

Some vnc-viewers can zoom. That just removes pixels or doubles pixels,
depending in what direction you zoom.

Some vnc-viewers can go in full-screen mode. I don't know what they do with
the desktop geometry since I don't use it.

Back to your problem: It is true that a 24 point character is the same size
on the viewer display regardless of the vncserver-side geometry: 24 point is
mapped to a number of (24?) pixels. If the vncviewer does not zoom in any
way, every remote pixel is mapped on a local pixel, hence changing the
remote display size does not alter the local picture size.

If the viewer does not provide scrollbars if the vncsession does not fit in
the desktop window, that is an error/bug (or is it a setting?)

> Is this something that I can correct? Or is this something I 
> just have to wait on? It would be wonderful if it could open 
> a full-featured desktop window manager properly.

Waiting is never a solution, you have to step on the bus to get somewhere.
Asking directions here points you to: Check the settings of the viewer, Try
to find an other viewer with more options or just work with it.