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Steve Palocz spalocz@tgtsolutions.com
Wed Jul 2 21:34:01 2003

Please tell us if this is windows or Unix. As windows rely's on the
console resolution. And Unix you can set to what you want. I have not
experienced what you have said below. If I open a terminal in a 800x600
vnc the terminal is the same size on a 1024x768 vnc just I have more
desktop space and can see all of it.


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Someone please tell me if I am right or wrong about this:

The heart of my problem is that VNC does not resize in response to
changes in geometry. A 24-point letter is going to be the same size on
the screen whether or not it is in a 640x400 window or a 1200x600
window. Although the VNC window changes size, the windows within it do
not. For instance, only one-quarter of the OpenOffice window shows up
within a full-screen VNC window. Without scrollbars, I have to drag the
OpenOffice window around inside the VNC window in order to see all of
it. If the scaling function actually worked, then it would be fine. But,
it doesn't -- it is painfully out of focus.  I have a 17" monitor, which
is pretty standard, so it seems odd to me that VNC seems to be scaled
for use on something much larger

Is this something that I can correct? Or is this something I just have
to wait on? It would be wonderful if it could open a full-featured
desktop window manager properly.


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