gmc crashing

Bill Cabral
Wed Jul 2 20:08:01 2003

I really hope one of you knows what's causing this
error, because Ive been stewing over it for about an
hour and a half and i havent gotten anywhere.

  Im running a GNOME GUI on Red Hat 7.1, and I
recently upgraded my VNC to 3.3.7 from 3.3.3.  For
some odd reason, I can log into my own GNOME account,
but not my administrator's account.  When I try to log
into his, all I get is a menu bar on the bottom
(background on desktop, but nothing else, and no right
click functionality).  If I click on the screen or
attempt to do anything in the menu bar, I get a
message box: "gmc--sm-client-id <insert insanely long
string here>"  "No respone to the SaveYourself
command.  The program may be slow, stopped or broken. 
You may wait for it to respond or remove it."  I
havent had the guts to try to remove it yet, because
chances are, something called "SaveYourself" is pretty
important!  So I click cancel and wait (althoguh it
comes up behind if i dont click cancel), and another
message box <warning> greets me with "gmc     No
response to the SaveYourself command, etc same as
before"  Again I cancel and a final error box is
populated that says "Application gmc (process ####)has
crashed due to a fatal error. (segmentation fault)" 
then it tells me to go to the GNOME Application Crash
site.  I can click close and it logs me out.  

   Just to make sure it wasnt a system fault, I
connected to the server with VNC and TeraTerm, and I
was able to bring up an xterm for the account that
wont load in GNOME, so at least I know that the
underlying system is alright, its just the viewer
sittin on top of it!  So it looks like I have a GUI
problem here, but I dont know where to begin to debug
or fix it, particularly since it only affects one
user.  Ive scanned every message board imaginable
(English and Spanish) and i havent found anything
useful.  Any ideas what could be going on and how I
could fix it?  As always, i look forward to your

p.s. The first time this happened, it locked up the
system, and i had to manually run fsck on /usr/local
in order to repair some unknown damage...

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