Lost cursor / arrow control in dos box

edwin.vandamme@pandora.be edwin.vandamme@pandora.be
Wed Jul 2 18:48:01 2003


To me the biggest advantages of UltraVNC are that it :
- Can transfer files from one computer to the other.
- Can capture one window and only show that window.
- Allows to turn of the remote screen while you are working.

Although these benefits have some drawbacks
- The file transfer capability should include multiple file delete, cut and paste with Ctrl-C/V (I used to use PC Anywhere and that has quite good control over file handling)
- When you capture one window it tends to be repositioned on the screen of the remote computer.
Anyhow nothing that bothers me a lot, just pointing out that improvement is always possible.

Secure tunneling ought to be included as wel as described a couple of days ago in ZVNC. (A long standing problem with manny people if you follow the list).

It would be great if all the efforts of the different "versions of VNC" would be put together in one application.

In anny case, I have used UltraVNC for the last 4 weeks and it has never failed me.
I intend to put what I described earlier in a more detailed list once I have more experience with the product so that the developers can turn it into an even better product.


 Craig Bryant <CBryant@healthcare-automation.com> wrote:
>Hi Edwin;
>Thanks so much for the pointer!  In a quick 10 minute
>test this am, this may be the solution!  We wont know
>for a day or two yet if it really is it until the person
>in question can try it from home, but I think you found it.
>Are there any gotcha's that you know about this version
>vs. the realvnc version?  Any pro's or con's that you
>have come accross?
>Many many thanks!  I knew someone out there must have
>hit this problem before.  I owe you one!
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>I am running DOS FoxPro 2.6 on a Win 2000 Pro SP2 in a DOS window using
>UltraVNC, which is based on RealVNC and it works just fine as long as I do
>not run it full screen.
> Craig Bryant  wrote:
>>Apologies to the list up front if this is a old issue.
>>I've gone through the last 4 months of archives and have not
>>seen this specific issue.  I'm still digging further back
>>We are using (windows) VNC Host ver. 3.3.6 and client 3.3.7
>>to connect 2 windows machines to each other.  If we get the
>>kinks worked out, the normal setup will be a win 98 box 
>>controlling the win2k box (home to office).
>>The Windows 2000 Pro box is the VNC host.  It runs an old 
>>FoxPro database in an MS Dos window.  The app runs fine
>>but we can't seem to get the arrow (left, right, up, down) or
>>page up / page down keys to work correctly.
>>I've tried all the tricks I know.  I believe it has something to
>>do with the way FoxPro is manipulating the screen.  In just
>>a plain old dos box, I can get the cursor keys to work fine
>>under VNC.  Once we launch the FoxPro app, the cursor
>>keys seem to stop functioning.
>>If you have any ideas or hints, I'd be really grateful.
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