XP not allowing inbound Java connections

Steve Smith Steve.Smith@SilsLendir.Com
Wed Jul 2 01:34:01 2003

Hi All,

I've installed the latest RealVNC server/viewer on two PCs one WinXP Pro,
the other Win98 SE.

>From the XP PC I'm able to use the VNC viewer or the Java applet to get to a
Win98 PC; but the reverse will only let me get to the XP using the VNC
viewer. The Java applet never initialises and hence I don't get asked to put
in the password.

I've checked the screen port matchs both end/methods.

I've checked the XP firewall and it has been disabled hence all ports are
open. I've got Java 2 Platform standard edition v1.4.1 and IE6 (with latest
patches) installed on the XP PC.

This seems a Java/XP issue but I'm hoping you will be able to confirm this
as I found nothing on the Sun site.

Thanks in advance