RealVNC Session disconnects immediatly on connect ?

Garry Armour
Tue Jul 1 11:49:00 2003

First post (in fact this is the first problem I've had with this excellent
Connecting to a win2k Pro pc on a different subnet from a Win2k pc both
running RealVNC.
The client PC correctly gets the password prompt and upon entering the
correct password
the session begins to draw the screen. However, about a third of the screen
gets drawn and
then the session is disconnected.
The 'server' is still running and I can re-attempt the connection (with the
same result).
Even if I VNC onto a PC local to the problem computer and then try to
establish a connection
Me---->Working 2K box--->problem Box
I get the same result.
All the defaults are set (with the exception of 'Accept Connection' and a
I have no problems with any other conections on that LAN or any other.
Any suggestions ?

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