Linux Upgrade Question

"Beerse, Corné"
Tue Jul 1 09:12:00 2003

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> From: Bill Cabral []
> I am currently running a linux server with VNCServer
> 3.3.3, and I am looking to upgrade to 3.3.7.  Im
> fairly new to the game, so I want to ask a couple of
> questions before I kill my server!  Will the upgrade
> automatically overwrite the older version of VNC, or
> do I have to delete/rename the files associated with
> the older version first?  I foresee a scenario where
> it installs the 2 versions side by side, and doesnt
> know which vncserver to use when i issue the command. 
> There was a lovely sentence on that
> referred questions about upgrading XVNC versions to a
> mysterious README file that I cant seem to find in the
> documentation or elsewhere.  Im always a bit
> apprehensive when upgrading programs, especially with
> my modest knowledge of Linux, so I thank you for
> indulging my paranoia.  Any ideas?

On unix, (that includes linux) the vnc package(s) more or less contain 2
binaries: `Xvnc` and `vncviewer`. you can savely move the old ones out of
the way (rename them, remove them, your choice) and put the new ones in
place of the old ones.

Then there are a couple of java files, in the ...vnc/classes directory. All
other files are readable script files which are stable since years.

So if you want to controll the update, to it manually: just update the