vncserver / xstartup not working

august macbeth
Tue Jul 1 08:02:00 2003

all, i've been trying to setup vncserver and have a few questions.. first
off, Debian woody / vncserver 3.3.3r2-20. 

basically i can start the server, and connect to it sucessfully, but i just
get a grey desktop with a curser and nothing else.. i've edited a
~/.vnc/xstartup script, made it executable with no luck.. i've tried the
default vnc.conf, and my modified version with no difference.. 


#Xsession &
exec blackbox

i've watched the ~/.vnc/*.log but cant find out any more info as to further
troubleshoot whats going on. also spent some time google'ing with no

if i can eventually get it setup to run blackbox i'd be damn happy, i take
it that's possible eh? 

ANY help appreciated,