Linux Upgrade Question

William Hooper
Tue Jul 1 00:04:00 2003

Bill Cabral said:
> I am currently running a linux server with VNCServer
> 3.3.3, and I am looking to upgrade to 3.3.7.  Im
> fairly new to the game, so I want to ask a couple of
> questions before I kill my server!  Will the upgrade
> automatically overwrite the older version of VNC, or
> do I have to delete/rename the files associated with
> the older version first?

Depends.  What distro and version of Linux are you using?

> I foresee a scenario where
> it installs the 2 versions side by side, and doesnt
> know which vncserver to use when i issue the command.

More likely it runs the one that comes in the path first, and YOU don't
know which one it ran :-)

> There was a lovely sentence on that
> referred questions about upgrading XVNC versions to a
> mysterious README file that I cant seem to find in the
> documentation or elsewhere.

The README is included in the download archive.

William Hooper