Using VNC Lan to Lan

Scott C. Best
Wed Feb 19 19:01:01 2003


	Easy. Just adjust the "port forwarding" setup in the
NAT'ing router that services the LAN with your target VNC server.
Set it up so that TCP-port 5900 on the external side is forwarded
to TCP-port 5900 on your target server (if you can tell us what
brand of router you have, we can be more exact with how to do
this). Once it's set, go to "" and test it.

	Once that works, on another LAN, point a VNC viewer to
the external IP address of your target LAN and it will connect.

	Good luck!


>    hi
>    how  to  contect through vnc viewer which is in lan to other lan which
>    is with NAT.
>    can anyone help me. tell me the procedure.
>    deven